Three Reasons Why Industrial Scrap Metal Cannot Simply Be Tossed Curbside

30 December 2018
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Industrial scrap metal; it is not exactly something you think about every day. If you did, you might be wondering what industrial plants do with the scrap metal. It is not as though they can toss the scrap metal in a garbage bin on the curb for pickup day. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Here are three reasons why you cannot chuck industrial scrap metal to the curb, and why industries need to hire industrial scrap metal services. Read More 

Extra Money You May Have Lying Around Your Property

8 October 2018
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If you could use some extra cash right now, then you may have more money than you think just lying around your home and your yard. Some of the things you have around your property that can bring in some extra money can also be nice to clear off the property. This means you'll be enjoying more benefits than just getting some extra money when you rid your property of those things. Read More 

How Document Shredding Can Protect You

19 July 2018
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Shredding your paper documents is a good way for you to turn those papers into a form you can use for other things, such as bedding for small animals, packing protection for fragile items, an addition for your compost, and more. However, shredding documents also helps you to protect yourself, as well as others, in a number of ways. It also offers you other benefits, and you can learn about these things by reading the information here: Read More 

3 Ways To Reuse Your Used Oil

7 May 2018
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Every 3,000 miles or so, you have to change the oil in the vehicles that you drive. This can leave you with a lot of used motor oil over the years. So, what can you do with that used motor oil other than paying to have it recycled? Here, you'll find a short list of alternative uses for used motor oil and how to safely handle it. Safety First! Precautions must be taken when you're handling used motor oil to protect yourself. Read More 

3 Ways to Conduct a Waste Assessment

30 January 2018
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If your business is generating too much waste and you want to reduce the amount of waste that your business creates, you need to do a waste assessment. Many waste management companies will help you conduct a waste assessment. There are three different ways to conduct a waste assessment that can be used individually or together: records exam, facility walk-through, and/or a waste sort. Read more to learn the differences and how they can benefit you. Read More