Three Reasons Why Industrial Scrap Metal Cannot Simply Be Tossed Curbside

30 December 2018
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Industrial scrap metal; it is not exactly something you think about every day. If you did, you might be wondering what industrial plants do with the scrap metal. It is not as though they can toss the scrap metal in a garbage bin on the curb for pickup day. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Here are three reasons why you cannot chuck industrial scrap metal to the curb, and why industries need to hire industrial scrap metal services.

Big, Big Chunks of Metal

Industrial and manufacturing plants have tons of huge bits of metal and large scraps from sheet metals that have been cut to create specific products. The huge, leftover scraps are not something that will even fit inside the largest possible garbage/recycling can. It has to go inside a mid- to large-sized dumpster just to remove it from the plant. Sometimes it takes more than one plant employee or a specialized piece of equipment to pick the scraps up and drop them into the dumpster.

Industries and Manufacturers Want to Recycle

​These companies absolutely want to recycle the metal scraps. By sending the scraps to metal forging companies to be melted down and reshaped for use, the companies save a lot of money. Then they can buy the recycled sheets and blocks of metal from the recycling plants and start the process all over again. No new metals have to be made, and no excavation of the Earth to get raw materials for metals ever has to be done. There is also no waste in this business when the metal is recycled properly.

​Industries and Manufacturers Produce TONS of Metal Scrap Every WEEK

​These factories produce tons of metal scrap every week. Imagine what would happen if they simply sent all of that metal scrap to a landfill. The landfills would fill up in a few months, and new landfills would have to be created to accommodate all of the metal scrap waste. That simply does not make good ecological or economical sense when recycling the scrap metal keeps the metal out of landfills and provides a constant renewable source of metal for these industries to keep producing the products they make. 

​Why Industries Need Scrap Metal Recycling Services

​The scrap metal recycling services pick up dumpsters full of scrap metal daily or every other day, depending on the timeframe scheduled by the industry itself. Rather than have to send employees on a long haul to the recycling plant, the service removes the scrap metal and completes this job for the industry without any extra paid time or paid time off for the plant's employees. It is quick, convenient, and a sound financial choice.

For more information, reach out to local industrial scrap metal pickup services.