3 Ways To Reuse Your Used Oil

7 May 2018
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Every 3,000 miles or so, you have to change the oil in the vehicles that you drive. This can leave you with a lot of used motor oil over the years. So, what can you do with that used motor oil other than paying to have it recycled? Here, you'll find a short list of alternative uses for used motor oil and how to safely handle it.

Safety First!

Precautions must be taken when you're handling used motor oil to protect yourself.

  1. Always wear latex or rubber gloves. There could be tiny shavings of metal that could stick in your hands like splinters and the oil can get absorbed into your skin and cause a rash, make your dizzy or feel sick.
  2. Dress to prevent oil from contacting your skin. Long pants and a long sleeve shirts, preferably oil resistant, must be worn.
  3. If you're working with used motor oil on a regular basis or for long periods of time, it would be best to wear a mask. Chances of you getting sick from inhaling the toxins is slim, but if you're constantly exposed, you could begin to suffer negative effects.

Heat Source

Waste oil furnaces are fueled by used oils. These systems actually create heat cleanly. The truth is, waste oil furnaces are cleaner than coal or wood because they don't have all of the dirt, ash and odor that the alternatives do. This option of heat can actually be cheaper than electricity or natural gas, so it's definitely something to consider.

Wood Protection

Used oils can be mixed with a bit of creosote to create a waterproof, insect repellent coating for wood. It might not end up looking the greatest, but it can help in areas that are getting damaged by water or insects without spending a ton of money getting the job done.


When you go camping, grab a jug of used oil and a few empty aluminum cans. Pour the oil into the can, dip a stick in the can and flip it so that the oil-dipped end is sticking up. Light the stick and it will continue to work as a wick to light up the night. Just don't try using this "lantern" indoors as it will create fumes that can make you sick.

Old oil can be used a number of ways. However you use it, you are doing your part in keeping the oil out of landfills where it will contaminate the ground below. Contact a service, like Denver Used oil, for more help.