Extra Money You May Have Lying Around Your Property

8 October 2018
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If you could use some extra cash right now, then you may have more money than you think just lying around your home and your yard. Some of the things you have around your property that can bring in some extra money can also be nice to clear off the property. This means you'll be enjoying more benefits than just getting some extra money when you rid your property of those things.

Sell your old bikes

If you have old bikes lying around the yard, then you should advertise them in your local paper or on local groups. There are people out there who will buy old bikes in any condition to fix them up and repair them for resale.

Sell your extra dirt

If you have mounds of dirt in your yard, then you will more than likely be surprised to learn that you can make money off that dirt. There are a lot of people who need fill dirt, and they will be more than happy to come and take your extra dirt off your hands and even pay you some money for it.

Sell your manure

You can put your manure in a dry area and call local landscapers in your area to let them know that you have compost available to sell. Some of them will come out to take the manure off your hands for you and be happy to give you some money for it.

Sell your old window frames

If you have old window frames lying around, then you'll be amazed at just how easy they are to sell for some extra cash. In fact, people will be interested in buying those old window frames for different reasons. You may be able to sell them to someone who needs them for a building that has window frames in even worse condition than the used ones you are selling, or you can find people who will want to buy them for a variety of arts and crafts projects.

Recycle your scrap metal

Take a look around your yard, and if you have some scrap metal lying around, then you will be able to recycle it for some extra money. You should know that you will be paid more for clean scrap metal and this means that you have removed plastic, fabric, and all other materials and attachments from the scrap metal before you recycle it.

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