3 Ways to Conduct a Waste Assessment

30 January 2018
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If your business is generating too much waste and you want to reduce the amount of waste that your business creates, you need to do a waste assessment. Many waste management companies will help you conduct a waste assessment. There are three different ways to conduct a waste assessment that can be used individually or together: records exam, facility walk-through, and/or a waste sort. Read more to learn the differences and how they can benefit you.

1. Records Exam

A records exam is a way to use paperwork to determine how much waste your building is creating. For a records exam, you will need to get together a wide variety of different records. You'll want to have access to all of your supply and equipment invoices, as well as your purchasing and operating logs. You'll also want to have your waste disposal records on hand as well.

Most waste management companies will have forms that you can use to input all of this information. These forms will then let you know how much waste you are generating, and they will give you specific ideas and tips on how to cut down on the amount of waste that you generate. 

2. Facility Walk-Through

The second part of a waste assessment involves a facility walk-through, which could take a few hours or an entire day depending on how large your business is. During this walk-through, the waste management expert will observe the type of waste that your facility produces during the day. They will chart out how you use your space and look for space that could be repurposed and used for recycling purposes. They will look for specific activities that your business engages in that create waste and come up with alternatives that use less waste. 

In addition, during a facility walk-through, the waste management expert will talk to employees and supervisors to gain a deeper understanding of your business. This will help the waste management expert make business-specific suggestions for cutting down how much waste your business generates. 

3. Waste Sort

The third step of a waste assessment is a waste sort. With a waste sort, all of the waste that your business makes in a day will be collected. Then, all the waste will be sorted into categories such as metal, paper, glass, plastic, and organic material. Each type of material will be weighted and examined. Suggestions will be made on how to properly collect all the recycable materials that are getting thrown out each day, as well as how to reduce the amount of each type of item that your business generates.

If your business wants to reduce the amount of waste that it generates, partner with your local waste services, such as H & H Metals Co, and have a waste assessment performed so you can target specific ways to reduce waste and increase recycling that are designed just for your business.