Insight to Help You Recycle and Use Asphalt Materials on Your Property

2 August 2021
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Asphalt and asphalt products can provide you with durable, flexible, and long-lasting pavement for your property and its improvements. Although new asphalt is great for immediate paving, recycled pavement is used in a variety of ways and for surfaces that look just like brand-new mix. The following provides you with some information to use recycled asphalt materials for your pavement surfaces.

Look For Recycled Asphalt Gravel

A gravel driveway is a good option when you don't want to invest in a full pavement surface but you want some stability and traction for your vehicles. A recycled asphalt mixture will give you enough protection as a layer of aggregate, especially when the pieces of asphalt have been crushed into small gravel pieces that have angular edges for good compaction. 

A layer of recycled asphalt will include pieces of crushed asphalt, which contain asphalt mixture, rock pieces, and smaller fine particles that can help compress into a sturdy layer. Just be sure you select the right size of recycled asphalt to give you a smooth surface, such as with 3/4 inch recycled asphalt. This size will give you recycled material that has been run through a mesh to only allow 3/4 inch and smaller pieces. If you want a larger aggregate from recycled asphalt, ask your local recycler for a larger asphalt material.

Install New Asphalt From Recycled Pieces

When you have access to recycled asphalt gravel, you can use it to install a solid pavement of recycled materials instead of using virgin materials. This helps the environment by keeping the waste out of landfills and also foregoing new aggregate for the mixture. You can order a recycled asphalt delivery for your property to pave a driveway mixed with an asphalt emulsion binder and is spread and leveled on site. Then, your crew can compact the recycled materials into place, smooth and angling the edges, and allow it to cure to a hardened surface. It is recommended that you complete your surface with a slurry or sealcoat, similar to a chip seal, which will fill in and seal the surface of your new pavement. This finishes the pavement for the final treatment of the hardened materials.

Because the emulsion is combined with the aggregate, it helps bind the material into a stable surface and will harden and become stronger over time. And the small pieces of 3/4 inch and smaller aggregate can compact together into a much smoother and seamless surface.