Disposing Of Copper Wiring

19 March 2021
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The copper that is used in a building can actually be among the more valuable raw materials used in the structure. Due to this fact, you will need to have a plan for disposing of these materials when you are undertaking demolition work or major renovations.

Capitalize On The Value Of The Copper

Copper's relatively high value can make it an attractive material to recycle or sell for scrap. These options can allow you to potentially receive some compensation for the value of these metal items. The compensation will be determined based on the condition of the copper and the weight of it. At the time that you get a quote for the copper you are wanting to recycle, you will receive a breakdown of how the value of the copper will be calculated. To get the best rate possible, you may need to compare quotes from several different providers.

Protect Your Hands And Arms While Handling Scrap Copper

If you have to handle the removal of the copper wire on your own, it is important to protect your hands and arms. Failing to effectively protect this portion of your body could increase the chances of you suffering a deep laceration that may require professional treatment. Ideally, your gloves should be made of thick leather or composite materials that will be able to resist tearing or puncturing when coming into contact with the sharp edges of the metal. Also, when handling the copper, you should only handle one or two pieces at a time to reduce the risk of an injury occurring due to mishandling sharp edges. If you suffer a deep cut while handling the copper, you should have the wound treated immediately in order to reduce your risk of infection.

Keep Any Scrap Copper Secure Until It Can Be Picked Up

The high value of copper can make it a popular target for individuals to steal. Unfortunately, some people may fail to appreciate that their worksite can face this risk. Whenever you are removing copper wiring or other components from a building, these items should be kept safe and secure until they can be picked up by a recycling service or a scrap buyer. You may find that investing in a separate storage container that can be locked is an option that can keep your copper safe until it is time for it to be picked up while also easily keeping it separated from the rest of the debris that your project is producing.

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