5 Reasons To Rent A Waste Bin Towards The End Of Summer

8 May 2015
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Spring cleaning is a common tradition across the globe, but sometimes the best way to truly clean out your home is towards the end of summer. As the warm months come and go, you could end up with a lot of junk in your yard and home. Instead of just letting it sit through the long winter months, you can hire a junk removal company to deliver a waste bin and get rid of as much as possible.

There are five different reasons to choose a waste bin for the end of summer. Not only will you get rid of a lot of stuff, but the removal company can properly recycle a majority of it so it gets put to good use.

Pool Waste

Swimming pool owners know how much work and maintenance goes into a whole summer of swimming. By the end of a summer swimming session, there could be a lot of junk to get rid of.

  • Swimming Floats: Worn or popped floats can take up a lot of waste. Toss them right into the junk bin and prepare for new floats the next year. This also includes pool toys like noodles that can wear down over time.
  • Pool Hoses: Cracked or broken hoses are hard to repair and easier to just replace. Instead of transporting the long hoses to a dump, they can easily get trashed in a waste bin.
  • Portable Pools: Small plastic pools can easily chip or crack to create holes. Throw them out with ease in a waste bin.

Lawn Furniture

Being outside all year can take its toll on lawn furniture. The end of the summer is an ideal time to examine and inventory all the lawn furniture you own. This is especially important for any wooden furniture that may have warped or rotted out.

A waste bin is ideal for these bulky items, along with other lawn furniture like canopies, enclosures, patio umbrellas, and patio tables. When thrown out with a junk removal company, materials like metal and glass can get properly recycled.

Grilling Waste

Once all the picnics are over, it's a good time to evaluate your grilling situation. There are a lot of things that can be thrown out and disposed of so you can start fresh on the next grilling season.

The grill itself may contain old griddles or pans that are not worth cooking on anymore. Old bags of charcoal can be dumped right into a waste bin. Consider getting rid of old grilling tools like tongs and spatulas with a lot of wear. If you're looking for a full upgrade, then you can toss the whole grill into the waste bin if needed.

Gardening Waste

Summer gardening is a great way to produce fresh flowers, vegetables, and all types of landscaping. As the garden dies down and autumn preparation begins, there are many items that you can consider getting rid of.

  • Lawn Clean-Up: A waste bin is ideal for sticks, leaves, or dead plants that you are clearing out from the lawn. Bigger plants like bushes or small trees can be cut and tossed directly in the waste bin.
  • Garden Accessories: Old pots, plastic pots, soil bags, and other garden accessories will not likely last until the next year. Toss them out now to start out fresh for spring.
  • Tool Shed: Take inventory of the garden tools that you have available. The end of summer is a good time to get rid of broken weed whackers, lawn mowers, or shovels that just don't dig like they used to.

Cooling Cleanup

As cool nights come back, you may want to consider getting rid of old items that don't provide the same cooling methods they once did.

  • Fans: Standing fans, box fans, and window fans can all be thrown into the trash.
  • Air Conditioners: Get rid of air conditioners that don't work or are not needed anymore. These are often bulky and heavy items that are worth tossing in the waste bin instead of transporting yourself.
  • Children's Toys: Water guns, sprinklers, and other cooling toys can be added to the bin if they are broken or if the child has outgrown them.

By properly planning your end of summer clean-up, the next spring cleaning will be a breeze.